Job Site Safety and its Impact on Your Project

Safety has always been a hot-button issue in the construction industry, and rightfully so.  The construction sector has the highest number of workplace injuries per year.  So, how do we at Cardinal Construction work to promote a safety-first culture, and what does that mean for you and your project as an owner?

Cardinal’s Safety Committee, comprised of key players on our administrative staff, project management staff, and field/shop staff, meet monthly to discuss company-specific safety concerns, ways to improve our practices, and to review the ever-evolving OSHA standards for construction and workplace safety.  They also implement our safety training program to ensure that new information and standards are being communicated to all of our field staff.

In April of 2017, Cardinal began working with Construction Safety Specialists, Inc.  CSSI provides regular job site safety audits, where they walk-through the project with a Cardinal field representative and address issues that have the potential to create an unsafe work environment.  Concurrently, Cardinal also participates in Master Builders of Iowa’s WorkSafe program in partnership with Iowa OSHA.  This is a “job site safety program that consists of pre-construction planning, job site surveys focused on preventing hazardous conditions from occurring, and job site recognition that safety is a top priority for all involved in the project.”

So, how does this affect your project and your bottom line when a strong safety program is in place?

  • Retain Quality Staff on Your Project – A safer work environment means less lost-time accidents for our field staff. That means that Cardinal’s skilled labor force can stay on your project day in and day out ensuring you have a quality product at the end of the day.
  • Faster Project Schedules – A job site free of incidents keeps our projects moving along on schedule as planned. When our safety requirements are posted and often communicated, it greatly reduces the amount of project down-time.
  • Cost Savings – A strong safety program is an investment that pays off in major ways over time. A reduction in workplace incidents means less overhead costs for us, which translates to savings for you.  When our projects are delivered safely and on-time, Cardinal, our subcontractors, and our clients come out ahead.

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