When you love your work—
it shows.

At Cardinal Construction, we believe that when you love your work, it shows. For more than 120 years, we’ve built a culture of trust and integrity that our clients, partners and employees have come to depend on. By working with an employee-owned company where each member of the team is treated fairly, you ensure that everyone working on your project is experienced, focused and fully invested in the success of your project.

Our Mission

Cardinal’s mission is to deliver a superior building experience, while serving as an essential partner to our clients, through effective leadership and efficient use of resources.

Our Core Values

At Cardinal Construction, we adhere to a shared set of core values that guide how we operate individually, and collectively as an organization. Our core values are:

  • Positivity
    We bring enthusiasm and energy to work, and are supportive of others, the processes we use, the people we work with and the Company as a whole. 
  • Integrity
    We do the right thing – regardless of the situation or external pressures.
  • Team Work
    We believe multiple viewpoints add value when solution seeking.
  • Continuous Improvement
    We seek new and/or different ways to accomplish tasks through experience and knowledge. We consistently desire to learn and improve.
  • Personal Accountability
    We are dependable. We work hard to complete tasks well, and in a timely and efficient manner. We take responsibility and ownership for our work.

Our History


Founder John G. Miller emigrates from Germany to Iowa, where he begins work as a carpenter.


Miller establishes his own business, John G. Miller Construction.


John G. Miller Construction expands through the creation of a non-union subsidiary, Black Hawk Construction, to better serve clients outside of Black Hawk County.


A subsidiary of Black Hawk Construction, Cardinal Construction, is activated to work in Black Hawk County.


John G. Miller Construction ceases active operations. Of the remaining entities, Cardinal Construction, Inc. becomes the sole operating unit.


Beck-Ericson Construction of Cedar Falls is merged into the Cardinal organization, bringing with it key leadership and experienced field personnel.


Today, we are an employee-owned company, committed to serving as an essential partner to our clients through experienced leadership and thoughtful resource management.

Our Team

Whether in the field or in the office, every member of our team works together to contribute to the success of your project. As an employee-owned company, Cardinal staff take a personal interest in doing things the right way, from start to finish.