Our Process

Every project has unique requirements that call for a specialized approach—but every project can benefit from a proven organizational structure and process. At Cardinal Construction, our process ensures that each project receives the same high level of care and attention, and allows for feedback and input from the project owner at each step along the way.


We want our project owners to engage in the building process—that begins with a shared understanding of goals and expectations among all members of the team. Early in the planning process we will:

  • Establish a shared project scope to ensure it’s clearly defined for all team members.
  • Review services to be provided throughout the duration of the project.
  • Develop a communication plan to be distributed to all team members. Effective communication is imperative to project success, and establishing a formal plan ensures the right people have the information they need at critical milestones.

In this early phase, we will listen to fully understand project goals and do our best to address any apprehensions before proceeding. Throughout each future phase, we will continually review the information learned and shared in this phase to ensure we’re staying on track to meet expectations and achieve project goals.


Once we understand your expectations and goals, we work with you and your project team to develop a comprehensive plan and schedule for moving forward—whether that includes pre-construction services or construction and post-construction only.

Our internal team includes estimators, project managers and other construction professionals who utilize their specific skillsets in concert with the project team to allow for informed decision making throughout the planning and building process.


Once planning is complete, the implementation phase begins. Whether we’re serving in the capacity of builder or advisor, our team leads the construction process to ensure quality and accountability standards are maintained at every stage.

Working in tandem, our project managers, administrators and superintendents excel at guiding the building process. Utilizing tools and activities like pull-planning, mandatory jobsite progress meetings and a rigorous safety program contributes to our ability to achieve budget and scheduling goals. This team approach also ensures that there are always multiple contacts available for your project.


Cardinal Construction will remain ever-present through and beyond all phases of your building project. The project doesn’t end when the last punch-list item is remedied—we commit to a post-project review both externally with your team to ensure expectations and goals have been met, and internally, as continuous improvement is important at all levels of our organization.

Whether you utilize Cardinal Construction for one building project or many, we want to be your long-term building partner. We will strive to provide value through effective management and appropriate allocation of resources.