Design-build is an efficient delivery method in which the contractor and architect work together under a single contract to complete a building project. Within this system, Cardinal Construction undertakes responsibility for the entire project, including design, engineering, materials and construction. Design-Build works well for any project type.

Benefits of a design-build delivery system include:

Creative Solutions Driven by Needs: From project onset, our integrated team works together to develop creative solutions that reflect your specific goals and needs.

Faster Delivery: Unlike traditional methods, design-build facilitates a team relationship that starts at project conception. Project management is collaborative, so work is completed quicker and with fewer unforeseen issues.

Cost Savings: An integrated team spends time seeking new efficiencies and innovations to save you money.

Singular Responsibility: The design team works together to develop cost estimates and project schedules, and manage performance.

Decreased Administrative Burden: Because there is only one contract with the design team, owners can focus more time on the project instead of managing multiple contracts.

From design to construction and everything in between, we coordinate all facets of so you can focus on leading your organization.

Make things easier for you and your team. To talk to one of our specialists about our design-build services for your upcoming project.