Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Management is an inclusive system that involves key stakeholders from the pre-construction stages through final delivery. A construction manager can be especially beneficial for complex or technical projects. Within this system, Cardinal Construction serves as an active team member providing cost, scheduling and constructability information as it pertains to the design.

Cardinal Construction has experience in the following construction management capacities:

Agency Construction Manager:
Strictly operating in a management role, Cardinal serves as an extension of the Owner, but does not provide staffing or equipment for the construction of the physical building and site.

Construction Manager at Risk:
Cardinal Construction manages the project within specific budget and scheduling parameters identified and agreed to in advance. We commit to the project and take responsibility for the risk associated with those parameters. Cardinal manages the project and deploys staff and other resources in the construction of the project.

How does a construction manager benefit your project?

  • Protect Your Interests
  • Reduce Overall Project Costs
  • Enhance Quality Control
  • Set Reliable Budgets
  • Provide Guidance on Design and Construction Schedule
  • Streamline Communications
  • Control Documents (Contracts, Insurance Forms, Cost Verifications)

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